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Lausanne Report identifies key trends and drivers of the global hospitality sector to support its future development. The main objective of this report is to provoke and stimulate a debate on future risks and opportunities. It strives to stimulate and inspire hospitality leaders, those who will be taking the strategic decisions needed to meet the challenges of the future. Lausanne Report exposes different scenarios to respond to these challenges ahead, providing thought leadership, promoting creative thinking and worldwide benchmarking in hospitality. It paints an ambitious view of our future.

Lausanne Report describes the future environment of the hospitality industry. It explains the interaction between the various global drivers of change that are affecting the evolution of hospitality.

«P-BTE model»; people, business, technology, and the environment.


We have selected the six most important developments that will change the hotel industry for good.

  1. SHIFT OF MARKET POWER:  Will globalization fragment or consolidate the hospitality industry? 
  2. VULNERABILITY ON THE RISE:  Is hospitality becoming more fragile or more resilient?
  3. IN SEARCH OF A SENSE OF BELONGING: Will communities or individuals determine the future?
  4. THE EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE: Does the guest of the future want high tech or high touch?
  5. SMART HOTELS DEPEND ON SMART DESTINATIONS: Will smart hotels be autonomous or connected?
  6. THE SCOPE OF KNOWLEDGE: Must future talents be empathic or efficient?


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