Career Counseling

In order to better know yourself and understand the communication skills within your working team, LHC provides you the Insights Discovery Profile test; a career counselling product.

How to access to this service?

1. Send an email to with « INSIGHTS DISCOVERY PROFILE » as the subject.

2. You will then receive a reference code and the instructions for going further with your request.

3. Access the Insights® Discovery Online-Evaluator questionnaire by clicking on the URL links below and use the reference code provided earlier.

4. Once you have completed and sent in the profile, you will receive an analysis of the results together with an in-depth assessment of your profile (20 to 40 pages).

If desired, we will set up a personal meeting with you to debrief you on your results. This is the preferred course of action and allows you to realise the full value of the report.

Based on the results of this report, further career counselling can be provided


  • Full profile including 1-hour debrief: CHF 1000.00
  • Full profile excluding 1-hour debrief: CHF 600.00

After receiving your confirmation of interest, we will send you an invoice by email to allow you to proceed with your profile.