Career Development Programmes

To meet your demanding schedule and individual education requirements, we have created a complete range of short on-campus modules, with online assignments in the expertise areas most demanded by the industry. You can earn EHL credits upon successful completion of a Career Development Programme (CDP)

2018 Creating Value in Hospitality 26 Feb to 03 Mar 2018

Building Customer Value in the Hospitality Industry.

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2018 Hospitality Operations Management 09 Apr to 14 Apr 2018

Business skills and acumen to work in a wide range of areas within the hospitality industry

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2018 People Development 04 Jun to 09 Jun 2018

How career development programmes support employee retention

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2018 Business Development in Hospitality 03 Sep to 08 Sep 2018

Service-driven and designed to develop your strategic and operational management knowledge in the global hospitality sector.

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2018 Hospitality Operations Management 19 Nov to 24 Nov 2018

Deepen your understanding of the hospitality operations management

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Academic credits

Do you know that you can gain EHL Credits and obtain a Proficiency in Hospitality Management Recognition?

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