Network Knowledge

The following documents and products will interest you if you have taken part in LHC’s Executive Education programmes. They include, on the one hand, various articles written by our professors which could be of use to you, and on the other of specialized products which we have developed for LHC participants.

Specialized products include an online questionnaire which will enable you to establish your personal effectiveness profile, and a software application designed to ensure a higher level security for web processing transactions.

I. Faculty articles and reports:

EHLITE – Innovation and Entrepreneurship

LHR – Lausanne Hospitality Research

II. Specialized products

Insights Profile

In order to establish your personal profile you will need to fill in an internet questionnaire by clicking on the links below. To access the questionnaire, you will need your personal reference code. If you have not yet received your code, please contact Ms. Alexia Muteke-Ceppi by telephone (41 21 785 1331).

Once you have completed and sent in the profile, you will receive an analysis of the results together with an in-depth assessment of your profile (between 20 to 40 pages in length).

Please find below the URL-Links to the Insights® Discovery Online-Evaluator for your personal effectiveness profile:

Language SSL – secure link




Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

Processing transactions securely on the web means that we need to be able to transmit information between the web site and the customer in a manner that makes it difficult for other people to intercept and read. SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, takes care of this for us and it works through a combination of programs and encryption/decryption routines that exist on the web hosting computer and in browser programs (like Netscape and Internet Explorer) used by the internet public.