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Become a licensee:

LHRTC offers training centres the unique possibility to access 40+ years of experience in training programme development in one licensing model.

LHRTC provides to its partner training centres:

  • Comprehensive manuals & training programmes
  • Professional Diploma/Certificate co-signed by LHRTC
  • Hands-on training tailored to the industry needs
  • Centralized up-to-date knowledge database, developed in Switzerland
  • Various career opportunities for the students
  • 125 years experience in content and curriculum design

Programmes are available for:

  • Food & Beverage service
  • Kitchen
  • Rooms
  • Hotel Administration

LHRTC’s services include curriculum design, support on building the facilities that will fit the curriculum, faculty recruitment and training, marketing and admissions and multiple delivery models.

List of LHRTC Centres:

  • LHRTC Dubai, UAE (project phase)
  • LHRTC Mauritus (project phase)
  • LHRTC BISHT (Bhutan International School of Hospitality & Tourism) in Thimpu, Bhutan (project phase)
  • LHRTC Quingdao, China (under construction)

Contact us to learn more and become a licensee today.

Or click on the link to download our information document for licensees.

Become a student

BOOST YOUR CAREER – and apply for a Swiss certificate or diploma course!

LHRTC graduates are one step ahead of the competition:

Trained by certified faculty, they are talented hotel and restaurant professionals with hands-on competencies, beyond the traditional hotel & culinary school offering.

Learn from the best through hands-on interactive courses with videos and join a global community of graduates.

Programmes are available for 4 separate streams, suitable for both career starters & professionals

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No centre in your region yet? Write us an email with information about your local hotel school that you believe should offer LHRTC!