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Key learnings from the professors who attended the Qualified Learning Facilitator (QLF) Programme from 3 to 7 August 2015, in CESSA University, México City

“Today my newly acquired QLF skills help me to deal with a challenging student´s situation. I was able to apply active listening to understand the nature of the situation from my student. I then used questions techniques and especially leading questions to make the student arrive at a desired solution.”

By Mr Oskar Palavicini, Professor, CESSA University México, City

“I have learned the importance of being structured in my teaching. Today, I take away how to structure and polish my courses, adapt my training aids in order to get better results for my students and myself. I will build relationship with my students and !”

By Mr Alberto Méndez Zamora, Professor, CESSA University México, City

“I will go and review all my course plans, adapt my lessons with a better structure and pay more attention to my verbal and non-verbal communication when delivering training.”

By Ms Lorena Vergara Gonzalez, Professor, CESSA University México, City

“The course has been challenging. However, I have learnt the importance of giving and receiving feedback and how to apply this to my students and colleagues. This course has opened my eyes to new ways of being. It will also help me in my personal life and especially in building and managing relationships.”

By Mr Ramón Aja Pasos, Professor, CESSA University México, City

“I will be more objective when giving feedback to my students, to measure if they are on the right track and measure if I am achieving the set objectives for the course. Also I will develop more my intra-personal communication to be sure I am delivering the right message to my audience. The art of self-management will help me manage my stress.”

By Ms Norma Dorbeker Azcona, Professor, CESSA University México, City