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Lausanne Hospitality Consulting and the Ecole Hôtèliere de Lausanne had the pleasure to host the 4th Biennial Conference with the Global EHL Certified Schools.

LHC & EHL were honoured to receive 14 delegates from 8 EHL-certified schools and discuss global trends in the hospitality education. The topic of the 4th edition of the conference was

In the shoes of potential students

During the two day conference current and future trends in the education sector and the hospitality industry were discussed. The participants from the certified schools and LHC & EHL staff shared their experiences and expertise in the field at presentations and panel discussions. Dr Ibrahim M. Alsini, Dean of the newly certified Faculty of Tourism of the King Abdul- Aziz University (KAUFT) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, gave an in-depth introduction on the status quo of talent in the hospitality industry in Saudi Arabia. The highly sought after new hospitality program at KAUFT, developed in collaboration with EHL & LHC, is changing the way how working in the hospitality industry is perceived by the Saudi people.
Mr Guglielmo Brentel, president of EHL and chairman of LHC presented initiatives for vocational institutions that help apprentices to transition into Bachelor degrees after receiving their vocational degrees. Dr Fabien Fresnel, Dean of EHL held a keynote exploring the development of MOOCS and their potential to keep courses up-to-date and state-of-the-art.

Universities should ultimately focus on their prospective students’ career

Current and recent students gave insights in the way that prospective students interact with learning institutions and the expectations they have. It was identified that they are more interested in their career outlook rather than the school’s curriculum and facilities. Prospective students are intrigued by the opinion of current students and Alumni of an institution and value their opinion more than marketing materials. Potential students also want to feel special about being admitted to a university and not just be another number in the system. A point stressed by all participants was that the facilities of a school can only be a facilitator of a good curriculum and not the USP of an institution.

Celebration of 70 years diplomatic relations between Mexico & Switzerland

The 4th biennial conference was inaugurated by his Excellency Ambassador of the Diplomatic mission of Mexico to Switzerland Jorge Castro-Valle K., celebrating 70 years of diplomatic relations between Mexico & Switzerland. LHC & EHL hosted a Gala dinner with 100 diplomatic guest, conference delegates, EHL-faculty and industry guests. Dr Rafael Guerrero, President, and Dr Alonso Guerrero, Director of CESSA University received an honorary plaque, commemorating 10 years of certification by EHL of CESSA University, Mexico City. Dr Tanios Kassis, Dean of Sagesse University received an honorary plaque, commemorating 10 years of certification by EHL of Sagesse University, Beirut, Lebanon. Dr Ron Hilvert, Managing Director of the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management received an honorary plaque, commemorating 15 years of certification by EHL of EAHM, Dubai, UAE.

The next edition of the Biennial conference will be hosted by the Sagesse University in Beirut, Lebanon, in 2017.

For further information please send an email to lhc@ehl.ch