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The Aïcha des Gazelles Rally in Morocco is the only 100% female off-track Rally-Raid in the world.
Unique in its kind and since 1990, it brings together every year more than 300 women from 18 to 71 years and more than 30 different nationalities in the Moroccan desert.
He has developed since his birth another vision of motor racing: no speed, no GPS but an old-fashioned navigation, only off-piste for a return to the sources of Adventure.

The participants of this Rally, known as “Gazelles” come to live in command of a 4×4, a Crossover, a Quad, a truck, a motorcycle, a unique competition:

– Where the true values of tolerance, solidarity, perseverance are shared,
– Where the respect of the country crossed is a priority thanks to the actions of the association of the Rally, Cœur de Gazelles.
– Where the respect of the environment is assured, the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles is the only Rally Raid in the World to be certified ISO 14001: 2004

The Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles is a return to the roots of adventure but it is by its system, at the forefront of technology with a security provided by satellite.

An orientation course and not of speed
Free to choose their course, gazelles must meet each day a challenge: to analyze the map with geographical coordinates, to understand the difficulties of the field and to choose the shortest route possible.
They must make a journey by pointing at passing controls set up in a minimum of kilometers and not in a minimum of time. They can choose to bypass the mountain or cross it, go through the dunes or avoid them.

A compass and common sense
No GPS, telephones or other means of communication. They receive a “Road Book” and discover their route of the day. This document only mentions the geographical coordinates, headings or distances of the daily checkpoints and the finish line.
Using a compass, a ruler and a map, they trace their route and decide their itinerary.

Winning the adventure
The winning crew will be the one who has traveled the fewest kilometers by pointing a maximum of tags. A 100% off-piste course updated every year. The classification is established by adding the kilometers (difference between the kilometers realized and the kilometers of the “bird’s eye” route) and the penalties (converted into kilometers) for any uncommitted passage controls. The True, The Original The first female rally in the desert of Morocco, authentic since its creation. A pioneer in this human adventure, the Rallye is a sure bet for women’s sport.

Different Categories
The rally is open to any type of land vehicle with 4WD, quad, Ssv, motorcycle, Crossover, truck. A course reserved exclusively for Crossover is set up taking into account the specificities of these vehicles. The separation of the crews on different routes avoids that they follow each other, which is completely forbidden on the event. Departure is given at dawn, from minute to minute for average days of 10 to 13 hours.

A tribe of modern women: gazelles
The Aicha des Gazelles rally in Morocco is open to any woman over 18 who holds a driving license for the vehicle with which she wishes to participate. No membership in a sports federation is requested, no license is required.
Each crew is composed of 2 crew members (3 for the truck category unless the crew chooses to participate in 2). The Aicha Rally of the Gazelles of Morocco is a test for neophytes. Each year, 70% of the crews embark on the adventure for the first time.