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“I want to be an instructor !” That’s what I said to myself when I was studying for my Bachelor degree. Now I am an instructor at the Dusit Thani College (DTC), Bangkok, Thailand. I have been an instructor for more than 5 years and I am so happy every time I see my students in class. Currently, I am teaching the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) certified Programme at DTC and had the pleasure to attend The Qualified Learning Facilitator (QLF) Training Programme delivered by EHL, which I at the time believed to be difficult.

From the day I joined the QLF training; my passion to be an instructor was totally vanished. I told myself that I will not be an instructor anymore but a Facilitator of knowledge!

The QLF training inspired me to change, from using a conventional teaching method to become a facilitator of knowledge and to not only focus on knowledge but on students ’competencies and mindsets. Many QLF techniques can be applied in class efficiently and my students love it. The QLF gave me the skills of applying and adopting lesson sequences, using advanced question techniques, varying the learning aids and class activities, giving feedback and using new communication techniques, as well as efficient time management.

I have applied many QLF techniques in my training session, such as, the use of open, neutral and reasoning questions as well as the implementation of interesting class activities to let students think by themselves and practice their own creativity, which turned out to be enjoyed very much by all of my students.

In addition, all instructors need to be open minded and flexible to change their mindset. It is not teaching anymore but learning, we no longer are instructor but facilitators of knowledge.

This training has given me the great opportunity to stimulate myself to improve my mindset, and therefore, I am very grateful to my QLF trainer, Linda Papasidero for this amazing experience.