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Having attended 9 Executive Education Modules (and more to come hopefully!) I am happy to share my impressions with you from a participant point of view.

Let me first say one thing about the organization team of these modules and Lausanne Hospitality Consulting (LHC) in general: Already after the first day of instruction I could tell that people at LHC and EHL do not only teach hospitality, they first and foremost practice hospitality. Everything is organized in a highly professional way, be that the registration process, the shuttle service, the warm welcome and of course the daily lunch and coffee breaks where participants are always warmly taken care of by LHC staff members.

What impressed me most in these modules were on one hand the highly professional module leaders, not only with their professional expertise but especially with their relevant industry experience and their passion to let everybody be part of that experience and knowledge. And on the other hand the small groups of highly interesting participants, part of them being very much involved directly in the hospitality industry and part of them – like myself – industry outsiders with relevant interest in hospitality for different reasons.

One of the main values of the Executive Education Modules is the high quality of interaction between the participants themselves and between the participants and the instructors. Although the modules are short, module leaders were always able to adapt the content of their module to fit the participant mix and with only two days of teaching that is quite a challenge! Another core value of the Executive Education Program is the possibility for participants to efficiently and spontaneously network with LHC people but also with EHL teachers, staff members and students.

The organization team was always willing and eager to establish contacts for me which were and still are highly valuable to me. I was impressed and even surprised by the efficiency of learning process in general and the highly practical teaching approach in particular, and I can undoubtedly recommend the Executive Education Program of LHC to anyone interested in opening her/his mind and learning a lot from true hospitality professionals that are all part of the wonderful EHL culture.

Daniel Lyssy, September 2015

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