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“Because women are responsible for the education of their children, it is essential to give them a good education. In this way they will transfer values of peace, of openness and of tolerance to future generations. This is the only way to fight the barbarianism and regression which affect millions of women and children in the world.” Tina Kieffer, Founder and President of “Toutes à l’école”
Toutes à l’école” chose to set up its first pilot school in Cambodia. This country, of which half the population is under 18 years old, lost 90% of its intellectual population during the Khmer Rouge genocide.

Building up the country is a long-term project and mobilizes all types of energy. Poverty is so extreme that parents often have no alternative but to put their daughters to work at a most tender age. Many families live in very precarious conditions of unhealthy accommodation and very low incomes. This leads to food deficiency, addiction problems and abuse.

Public schools have half-time courses in over-crowded classes and girls are often turned out of the school system at the end of primary school. Prostitution is rife and wrecks havoc among very young girls.

Happy Chandara

Happy Chandara is 12 kilometres from Phnom Penh, the capital of the Kingdom of Cambodia. The school enrols the most vulnerable young girls from the communities of Prek Thmey, Chheu Teal, Koh Anlong Chen and Don Sor. These villages are situated in a rural area near the capital, on the banks of the Bassac River.

The inhabitants of this region live off agriculture, fishing and informal jobs such as gathering jasmine and making jasmine bracelets.

Happy Chandara’s role is vital for the future of the young girls in the region. We invite you to visit “Toutes à l’Ecole” website and learn more about this organization Team Lausanne Hospitality Consulting decided to support this Christmas season.

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Happy Chandara, the young girls’ future by toutesalecole