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  • The business environment has become a global village; travelling is easy and cheap, sharing of information happens instantly and is accessible by everybody, a new product in the US is on the market in Asia within days & vice versa, systems and procedures all look the same and innovation has become a necessity.
  • Service has become THE key differentiator for companies in the secondary and tertiary sector.
  • «Customer-journeys, -touchpoints, -emotions, -experience, story telling, after sales» have become buzzwords. These are “just” other procedures to be defined and put in place but are they really understood and supported by the organization or is it just a fad, a must have, implemented because one has to? Who stands behind it and defends it when the value of service is challenged?
  • What a company really needs is a SERVICE CULTURE, which will be oriented towards the end customer in everything it does and at any level…ALWAYS!
  • But service is a soft target, not a number, not an easy quantifiable performance and is often perceived as common sense. So how can it become unavoidable?

Achieving a service culture

  • Has to come from the top: defined as a new strategic objective and become a company value
  • Needs to become a key component of the HR cycle and the branding attributes
  • The notion of KPI has to be redefined: not only hard facts
  • It requires the development of mixed teams of internal convinced ambassadors and outside challengers
  • And finally, it will require constant effort, perseverance and patience.

What your company will get out of it?

  • Healthy and natural people interactions, through a systematic feedback culture
  • A constructive and positive mindset overall, challenging the status quo and generating new ideas for the business. Because one will think: is this good for him or her? how can I, can we, improve the service which is delivered? Can I, can we do better?
  • Needless to say: profits, business development and the capacity to fend off/supersede/take over (whatever your preferred strategy is) your competition.

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Module leader


André Mack Director at Lausanne Hospitality Consulting

André Mack has extensive experience in the in-flight catering industry and in management consulting. He has specialized in the areas of strategic marketing, customer service and business process re-engineering.

He is Director, Lausanne Hospitality Consulting, and alumni of University St. Gallen, Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne and holds an EMBA from HULT International Business School.

The consulting mandates in strategic business analysis, re-engineering of management and operational processes, operational and quality auditing of hospitality business units, as well as the development of hospitality learning centres, have allowed him to touch base in New York, Sydney and many countries between these two destinations.

André speaks French, German and English, mixing it up sometimes with the various Swiss German dialects.