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As a leader, your effectiveness will depend not only on your ability to make rational decisions, but also to work effectively with and through others. Individuals in a group come with their ideas, beliefs, values, expectations, fears, behaviour and ways of working. Dr Carl Jung suggested that people have different psychological preferences, which is the source of different perspectives on situations, our rationality as we as our ability in making decisions. Therefore, it is necessary to understand how you, as an individual and a leader, contribute to the overall dynamics of the organization. In order words, before seeking to be a leader and work effectively with others, you need to have awareness of how you manage yourself, thus, learn about yourself!

Everyone sees the world through the filter of familiarity. Our perceptions are affected by what we know and what we believe, the labels that we use to describe the things we see around us every day. This system of knowledge and belief is often described as a world view or paradigm. Personal learning in this regard involves seeking to become more self-aware – more aware of our customary perspectives, actions and thinking and the impact that our behaviour has on others.  At the same time, it is also important to understand other people’s preferences and perceptions as it will contribute to our open-mindedness, a key element in today’s business and working in multicultural organizations.

The way in which a leader or member communicates has also a major influence on the climate that exists in the group. It is important to understand how these behaviours contribute to a climate in which there is an increased or reduced willingness to communicate with others. However, listening to others people’s standpoint is not enough, we need to be open to others people’s values and beliefs; we need to understand their paradigms. We can disagree and both be right!

Today, I am even more convinced that we are all unique and each of us has its own way of perceiving the world thus influence our behaviour and decisions. The influence of our family, school, friends, associates and environment are significant in conditioning our perceptions. People have great diversity in their personalities, preferences and communication styles. The understanding of individual differences arefundamental to improving communication, cooperation and building both personal relationships and in teams.

To connect efficiently with others and be a leader, we need to first understand how we perceive the world and then how others see it.



Wei Cheng Chen Senior Consultant

Wei-Cheng is a Senior Consultant at Lausanne Hospitality Consulting SA. He delivers business mandates related to strategic and operational management, talent sourcing and training, and development of hospitality institutions. As such, he has assisted many international organizations in the service sector-luxury goods company, insurance and banking-in designing and delivering tailored training programmes to enhance their customer service excellence and experience. His role also involves in developing hospitality learning centres around the globe and ensure sustainable growth and competitive advantage of each institution. Prior to LHC, he worked in the hospitality industry in Argentina and Switzerland and also collected experience in the education sector. Wei was responsible for talent sourcing for Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, recruiting young future leaders for the hospitality industry.

Wei is a life member of Clare Hall, a constituent and graduate college of the University of Cambridge where he obtained his postgraduate degree. He is also alumnus of Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, and possesses a degree in Hospitality and Restaurant Management from the Escuela Internacional de Hoteleria y Turismo CENCAP in Buenos Aires, Argentina. When he is not in the office, Wei is most probably travelling, discovering new cultures and learning new languages. He is also very fond of cooking and fine food. For this reason, you can often find Wei working out in the gym as well.