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I attended a couple of weeks ago an inspiring conference with 700 senior executives in Oslo. In the room there were mainly women and the topic to discuss was: “Creating a Thriving Future”.

That’s when I came to realize that one of the main trigger to be able to create a thriving future for your organization, family and ultimately yourselves is to be in a learning mode. To be and remain a learning organization that is not an easy task. A couple of tips to do this:

  • Remain curious
  • Switch on your radar and,
  • Make sure to embrace diversity.

All the diverse perspectives you bring on the table are relevant to get diversity of thoughts and fresh innovative thinking. This is exactly how you will be able to drive the change.

In order to succeed you need to unlearn the fear of failing and relearn the joy of learning.

Why is this so important? Because we are living in a complex world where there is difference, diversity, exponential changes and we need to lead with all those new situations. We are aiming to lead difference differently and embrace diversity. Many companies talk about diversity and inclusion as great set up to create innovative business ideas. But bringing diversity into your team and organization is it a a guarantee of inclusion?

Here the most compelling discovery I made during the conference on the difference between Diversity and Inclusion:

“Diversity is inviting people to attend your party while Inclusion is asking them to dance”. And this resonated so much with me. Are all your team members dancing? How can you make sure they are? Are they being themselves? Do you have authenticity, purpose and collaboration within your team?

How to make sure you embrace diversity and use it to its full potential for a bigger impact for your organization, your customers and community?

Experienced colleagues, youngsters, millennials, women, men, different culture, countries, nationalities and way of thinking…Are we risk-taking enough in our companies and are we giving us a chance to be agents of possibility for the company and business world of the future? What is your organization doing to innovate, navigate at ease within changing environments and create inclusive cultures? How do you attract and retain talents? How do you deal with uncertainty and most importantly how you make sure your team integrate their true self and values, they are being authentic as they communicate with your stakeholders and markets.

Have you questioned yourself how you would create a thriving company? What would it take? Who would you need to be as a leader?

I spent a couple of days exchanging with amazing women, listening to different companies initiatives in terms of diversity and inclusion as well as strategies, programmes and ideas to create more conscious and authentic business. It made me realize how important it is to keep on dreaming big, being quick to connect and bringing my all self to work, getting committed and keeping true to myself.

My main take away to feel empowered and dare to wear my soul outside: reflect on the right questions.

  • What moved or opened up something in you today?
  • What made you feel more alive?
  • What was the most important learning of the day? What compelling discovery have you made today?
  • What did you do to pay attention to yourself today?
  • What did you do to inspire and empower someone else today?

If you can’t feel or be yourself how will you know what to do? What is certain for me is that I do want to dance, remain curious about others and never stop dreaming big.


Catherine Rey Sales & Marketing Manager

Catherine joined LHC as Sales & Marketing Manager in December 2015. Her role involves developing and implementing the LHC’s Sales & Marketing plan and promote the Executive Education career development programmes around the globe.

Prior to LHC, she worked in the International Education industry for over 5 years both in Mexico and Switzerland, where she moved with her family in 2013. She represented in Latin America prestigious wine and spirit brands within the Hospitality industry for over 10 years. She worked closely with International Hotels, government institutions and corporate executives and multinationals and had to support them in the international implementation of their educational projects.

She is a graduate in International Business from the University of Blaise-Pascal in Clermont-Ferrand France and spent her last year of study in the University of Oklahoma Price College of Business USA. She followed several wine and spirit training both in France and Mexico. She lived in 5 different countries and enjoy multicultural environments where relationships, new ideas, innovation and original concepts are valued. She appreciates being challenged and strongly believe in enhancing the customer experience to growing the business.

While not at work, she enjoys spending time with her daughter and husband and go for long walks by the lake. She is passionate about wine and like to organize tastings of wines from different regions and countries for her family and friends.