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Window to the Future aims to assess possible changes in the future of Hospitality Industry providing trends and drivers that will inspire the leaders of the global hospitality sector, faculty, students and related business experts.

This think-tank summit will address the mega trends influencing the hospitality industry directly or indirectly. Possible future scenarios will be elaborated in key note speeches and panel discussions with international influencers, CEOS, hospitality leaders and experts. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the dialogue on those scenarios and in-depth discussions of core-issues that will affect the future of hospitality.

This exclusive think-tank summit is providing expert advice and inspiring the hospitality industry to adapt to a dynamically changing business environment and to play a role in the success of the future. The main objective of this event is to fuel through plenary sessions, panel discussions and workshops a debate on future possibilities. What are the future risks and opportunities? What are the dynamic complexity of the future landscapes in hospitality? How the industry will respond to this?

“Window to the Future” is a Swiss knowledge initiative of Lausanne Hospitality Consulting and Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne.

New trends are redefining today’s hospitality environment and significant strategic shifts are transforming the playing field. What could the hospitality industry of tomorrow look like? This exclusive summit is connecting hospitality leaders, global thinkers and experts to jointly develop ideas on issues that could impact the future of our industry.

After a 1st edition in April 2016, we are pleased to announce the 2nd edition of Window to the Future on Monday April 30th 2018 at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne.

The think-tank summit will feature key note speeches with International influencers, panel discussions with experts and leaders from the hospitality industry and by lively debates with all summit participants. Participants will be able to join 2 workshops sessions in the afternoon. Themes are based on the Lausanne Report topics; an exhaustively researched dossier which lists the most important impactors on the future of our industry.

We will address in the 2018 edition the topics of High Tech vs High Touch and Sustainability Development in Hospitality.

Does the guest of the Future wants High Tech or High Touch?
“Over the next 20 years, high tech will conquer the world. Personal data of practically everyone and every single commercial transaction will be recorded and stored. Technology, for instance a robot at reception, may trigger positive emotions in one guest and negative ones in another. In order to meet a guest’s expectations, hospitality companies will have to fine-tune and tailor their services and provide the right mix of high tech and high touch in a more heterogenic market.”
High Tech shapes guest experience or High Touch defines emotions?

Is Hospitality becoming more fragile or more resilient?
“Crises generally share the elements of surprise, urgency and danger. The hospitality industry has managed to brace itself against some events, especially if they have occured before. The travel and tourism industry is exposed to a multitude of internal and external threats.
External threats are recessions, financial crises, currency fluctuations, taxation, regulations, terrorism, vandalism, revolutions, scarcity of resources, climate change, cyber security…
Internal threats are rising costs, falling revenues, unprofitability, qualification gaps, lack of management capacities, technology shortcomings…”
Is the Hospitality Industry increasing fragility or the industry manages to become more resilient?