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When reading my last weeks post – Focus on Service Culture, I realized that I partially missed the plot. Wasn’t the article dry, using the expected stereotyped bullet-point approach to go straight to the point, not waste my time, or the reader’s? This is only one essential part of the service culture: defining and implementing minimum standards to deliver any service within the organization.

But service is also about creating an emotion, making the other want to continue the experience with you because you touched him/her or just demonstrated that you were genuinely concerned with him or her. Did I do this? Or did I just act like any professional, who believes that making the difference in a career is by focusing on the content of the message, using the right terms, the correct professional tone – powerpoint like – and trying to say something which most of us know already but in a slightly different way?

In other terms, I wrote about something in a way which was exactly opposite to what it should have been; inspiring and maybe even funny!

Could it than be that service culture also depends on the capacity of an organization to transcend the employees, the human beings in any company or society, for them to feel confident enough, respected enough and free enough, to communicate and demonstrate emotions? Is this our everyday’s focus, as organizations? Based on what I have seen, audited, fought with, played with, argued with on five continents and in more than 50 countries, the answer is no! Definitely no!

Of course there are exceptions, as always. By the way they are welcome to write some comments at the end of this article, for example stating that I don’t know what I am talking about and here is an example of our company which has applied this principle in the following way for the past x years. Well done, bravo! Welcome to the club and I agree with these ones…I don’t know what I am talking about. I just live it every day.

Ok, that being said, writing something inspiring to an audience which is somewhere out there and could be defined more as an Undentified Deserves to be known High potential Individual (UDHI), for a boring 50+ executive, consultant, and above all Swiss, is somehow mission impossible. And I would be very full of myself stating that I am funny. Nope, will not!

It was a pleasure to write again for you, dear UDHIs and looking forward to connecting with you next week.

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Module leader


André Mack Director at Lausanne Hospitality Consulting

André Mack has extensive experience in the in-flight catering industry and in management consulting. He has specialized in the areas of strategic marketing, customer service and business process re-engineering.

He is Director, Lausanne Hospitality Consulting, and alumni of University St. Gallen, Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne and holds an EMBA from HULT International Business School.

The consulting mandates in strategic business analysis, re-engineering of management and operational processes, operational and quality auditing of hospitality business units, as well as the development of hospitality learning centres, have allowed him to touch base in New York, Sydney and many countries between these two destinations.

André speaks French, German and English, mixing it up sometimes with the various Swiss German dialects.