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General Managers or as we comonly refer to them GMs, are the chief executives and the main leaders of a hotel property. Their ultimate responsibility is the day-to-day management of all aspects of the hotel’s operations, covering all of its departments and employees. GMs develop strategic business plans that define the hotel’s operational and revenue goals. They set performance goals for employees and provide training, a supportive work environment and constructive assessments to help them grow and contribute to the hotel’s success. They ensure that the hotel meets quality standards for property appearance, maintenance and personal service that deliver the best guest experience possible. This involves planning, implementing and measuring the effectiveness of hotel marketing and promotional efforts.  These GMs need to have excellent leadership, communication skills, effective business and operations management abilities and strong financial management and budget planning. This is a very complex role and to get there you need to possess unique qualities as it requires talent, dedication and leadership ability.

External change is happening faster than organizations can keep up with internally and Hotel’s chief executives are constantly looking for ways to adapt and keep learning. How to succeed in this environment, what does it take to be a top-performing GM and how to make an impact beyond the bottom line.

The best Hoteliers immerse themselves in the guest experience, leading by example. Working alongside their team and talking to guests on a regular basis allow them to become great leader. GMs make sure their team is successful and they take full responsibility for this. This means being great at guiding the team but also providing each team member with the tools needed to succeed. The success of any relationship relies on the ability to develop trust. Individual leaders within the institutions demonstrate trustworthiness for people to follow them with certainty.

The foundation of trustworthy leadership is in the ability for individuals to rethink their leadership styles and cultivate a new configuration of attitudes and abilities in order to keep pace with today’s business and societal challenges. These rely on the four pillars of trustworthiness:

  • Ability
  • Benevolence
  • Integrity
  • Predictability

For a transformation to be lasting, in our work, in our lives and world, we believe that change needs to happen with an understanding of our leadership authenticity. This includes the integration of our personal values and networks and global awareness. Collaboration, receptivity, empathy, intuition, resilience and sensory awareness are essentials and that is why we activate these during our Corporate Management Programme to further develop the GMs leadership and potential. Exceptional GMs are continually pushing for improvement, they know their competition, stay on top of industry trends and aren’t afraid to innovate. The best GMs are lifelong learners. There are good companies with well-defined processes and systems…and then there are great companies with extraordinary, motivated people who go the extra mile to provide excellent service and who are also exceptional leaders.  By taking part in professional development opportunities like attending the Corporate Management Programme: my Leadership, my Brand, we invite GMs to step outside of their comfort zone and everyday work to gain exposure to new thinking approach and share their experience with other leaders from around the world.

The Corporate Management Programme approach starts with “You” and your personal growth and the journey towards leading and influencing. We continue with your leadership challenges to then move to getting the global overview on trends, innovation and future business scenarios. Change creates opportunities. This is a 5-Day programme with an optional 6th Day for a private coaching session.  Delivered by highly-qualified professors and industry leaders, this programme is held on the premises of the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) and will ensure a high level of interaction and networking opportunities. EHL is known for being the world leader in hospitality management education. At EHL, the art and science have always been intertwined. We transmit to our participants over a century of accumulated knowledge while giving them the space to apply and try out their own ideas and find their own way around challenges and constraints. Hospitality is different from other business because it requires a vast range of competencies. You, as a leader, can therefore benefit from attending this Corporate Management Programme on “Your Leadership, Your Brand”.

  • Benefit from our professional hospitality experts
  • Share with a small-group of hand-picked participants at Senior Executive Level External invited speakers
  • Experience the energy of the future generation of hospitality leaders on our campus
  • Integrate EHL’s alumni community network