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The International Hotel Investment Forum (IHIF) celebrated its 20th anniversary at the InterContinental Hotel Berlin. At this special occasion, participants looked back on how the industry has changed over the past 20 years, and also looked into the future trying to identify what we can expect in our Industry over the next 20 years. During this 3-day event form March 6 to 8, around 2’000 attendants from the Hospitality Industry and from 70 countries came together to discuss deals, trends and investment opportunities. As always, IHIF attracts a very senior assembly with CEO’s of nearly every hotel-brand or company attending the forum.

Overall, the conclusion was that hospitality business leaders are expecting a great 2017 and showed confidence that the coming year will be one of continuing recovery and further growth. STR Global’s forecast for the year 2017 listed;

  • Recovery markets (rebounding occupancy): Brussels, Moscow, Paris and Milan
  • Hot Markets (high occupancy, balanced supply/demand): Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dublin and Madrid
  • Supply affected Markets (supply headwinds): London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf
  • Solid year (stable performance): eg. Prague, Athens, Rome, Budapest, Munich, Vienna, Zurich and Berlin.

For London, supply will be effected by 478 projects currently in the pipeline adding a total of 47’000 rooms to the market.

So, what about the “dangers”? We can shortlist these as follows:

  • The course of the new US President Donald Trump remains uncertain; the impact of his decisions could influence our business, at least in some parts of the globe.
  • The economic developments in Italy and in France and on a larger scale, the entire Euro-zone.
  • One of the big questions is what will be the effect of a Brexit on the different markets.


Sébastien Bazin, Chairman & CEO AccorHotels, gave us insights on the grow-targets for the company. He stated that “Accor has never been stronger than today however, has to keep watching the other brands, booking channels and other accommodation suppliers”. Also, Accor has been Asset heavy until recently and our Industry is Labor heavy too and this needs transformation to sustain. He stated that none of the successful digital players today are asset heavy and they grow 20 to 30% each year while the core business of Accor only generates a growth of around 7% each year.

Although the company opens a hotel every 36 hours around the world, Mr Bazin shared his vision that “hotels need to expend their walls”. He strongly believes that their hotels can serve the local community much more than they do today and he stated that “we are seen as outsiders because we serve outsiders”. In his view, Accor hotels are not just there for travelers or guests but also for “the guy or the shop next door” and for everyone who has the ability to interact with them and to use them.


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Jos Jumelet Senior Consultant at Lausanne Hospitality Consulting

As a Senior Consultant, his role is to further develop the Executive Education Programs. In addition, due to his extensive experience in the hospitality industry, he also supports the other clusters within LHC.

Jos is an operator at heart and has great experience in the field of hotel Management. He is result oriented with a strong focus on quality and he has specific experience in Total Quality Management. He has an eye for detail and is passionate about delivering the best possible customer service.

Prior to joining LHC, Jos had an extensive career as a General Manager at different hotels with brands from InterContinental Hotels Group. He has experience in leading owned, managed and franchised hotels. He has also gained experience in the leisure industry, which reinforces his strong knowledge of owner – operator relations. Jos has been involved in hotel selling and acquisition as well as in rebranding.

He has experience in hotel renovations, extension projects and has overseen clustering activities. Jos is an alumnus of Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne. He speaks English, French, German and his mother tongue Dutch.During his time out of the office, he enjoys being with his family at home, in the Swiss mountains or at the French Côte d’Azur where he will be motor boating and working on his barbecue skills while enjoying a good glass of wine.