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An Article from itmustbeNow Magazine by Kate Ibbotson

Decluttering your travel experience helps you make the most of your time away, says professional declutterer Kate Ibbotson from the Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers. Here’s her tips on how to do it.
Don’t overcomplicate things

The cost of a holiday seems to increase year on year. Within your social circle, there may be pressure to visit certain destinations and do things a certain way. Forget what everyone else is doing. Gear your trip according to what you and your family can comfortably afford and what you genuinely enjoy. Use the opportunity to go back to basics and enjoy the simple things in life like good food, a tech break, good conversation and being outdoors.

Resist over planning

One reason we love going away so much is the simplicity. Our responsibilities are scaled back and one suitcase of possessions is enough. So don’t feel you need to jam pack your schedule whilst you’re there. Allow time to see how the days unfold and to be spontaneous not to mention allocating time to simply do nothing.

Research your destination to help you pack

What is the weather going to be like? What activities will you be doing? What religious or cultural dress codes should you respect? Use this knowledge as the basis of your packing list. A little research goes a long way to getting the most out of your holiday and reduces the need to pack ‘just in case’ items.

Give yourself a buffer

Give yourself time to get into holiday mode. There’s nothing worse than feeling rushed whilst packing because you’re working right up until the minute you set off. Likewise, give yourself a day or two to potter around at home after you get back so you’re not thrust straight back into everything immediately.

Leave home behind completely

Immersing yourself in the culture of a new place has all sorts of advantages. You’ll feel like you have had a true break from the daily grind which alone is worth it’s weight in gold. You will also gain different perspectives which will help you grow as a person and broaden your view of the world.

Document your experiences

Keeping a travel journal is a great way to document your experiences but it takes up far less room than souvenirs from each place. Journaling whilst you’re away gives you chance to focus on the little things you feel grateful for and reflect on your day. What a wonderful addition to the memory box and something to read to the grandchildren one day.





8 – Alexa Poortier – NOW Founder

Alexa Poortier Founder of itmustbeNow.com

Alexa Poortier is the Founder of itmustbeNOW.com, a legacy project with a mission to boldly advance sustainability, social responsibility and principled business practice in the travel industry to help it thrive.   It is an influencer platform that is forming a global community who believe that travellers and the travel industry can be a Force for Good; and a marketing alliance to differentiate inspiring and responsible hotels in the NOW Track & Book, a tool for all stakeholders to raise the bar on accountability and transparency around sustainability with no greenwash allowed, simplify communications and provide direct bookings.

Alexa’s professional experience spans over three decades in the areas of business development, marketing, communications and hotel operations in Asia Pacific, E.Europe, Middle East, Canada and S.America within the hospitality, media and PR industry.  She understands the challenges and impacts of global business having co-founded a hotel consultancy, in her role as VP with News Corp’s Star TV, Sumitomo’s JetTV, CNBC, and Group Director with O&M PR and Edelman/JMA PR.

At this most urgent of times when there is a crisis of trust and travel has immense positive and negative impact on our world, itmustbeNOW.com informs, inspires and empowers the traveller to use their spending power to drive global change and only support responsible and sustainable travel experiences.