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In a world of digitalisation  and shared economy either we adapt ourselves or slowly we disapear and die. In this context, managing your business is a huge challenge.  Today everything goes faster, with one click you can spread good or bad rumours all around the world with just one click you can be connected to everyone and communicate with anyone. Instantly you are aware of all what is happening, with big data creation you can spy on anyone anywhere…Today we live in a very competitive environment where nothing is permanent. So the “Innovate or die” has its full meaning in today’s economy.

So what is the magic formula to survive in this economic situation and create value?

First of all we should ask ourselves for whom do we create value and why do we create value? Value creation can be seen from different perspectives and angles. However some people will argue that the only value we create and which is important is the $ value we create in our business, meaning profitability and return on investment for the shareholders. But many people tend to forget that this is the end result of a business process and that in the beginning of the chain comes the customer!!! Without customers a company is nothing, you simply have no business and many companies tend to forget this.

  • “Organisation can create, change or destroy value”
  • “Value is created through organisations activities and resources”
  • “The market is not a game it is a war”
  • “Differentiation is essential for success and is the result of creativity”
  • “Reaction is the result of looking behing. Pro-action is the result of foresight”
  • “Intuition is not a subsitute for analyzing”
  • “Financial results highlights problems. Opportunities are found on the market”
  • “Before taking a decision (important or less important) always, always, always ask yourself: what will be the guest perception?, how will this create value to my company?, Must-Have or Nice-to-Have?”
  • “Quality, customer experience and innovation are key drivers to success”

In the hospitality industry, we do not just sell food and beverages…”We sell a group of product and services and we sell a dream”

These are some of the tips to be applied to organizations Mr. Alain Najar gave us. Mr. Najar is a graduate of Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne and a senior lecturer since now 24 years. He has worked for 15 years in the five–star hotels (Hilton-Sheraton-Accor) in Kuwait, Dubai, Madagascar, Syria and Egypt at various management positions. He holds an MBA of BSL-Business School Lausanne. He will be delivering a programme module on Value Creation in Restaurants on April 11 and 12 at EHL. Learn more on our Hospitality and Operations Management programme  at www.lhcconsulting.com/cdp

Module leader


Catherine Rey Sales & Marketing Manager at Lausanne Hospitality Consulting

Catherine joined LHC as Sales & Marketing Manager in December 2015. Her role involves developing and implementing the LHC’s Sales & Marketing plan and promote the Executive Education career development programmes around the globe.

Prior to LHC, she worked in the International Education industry for over 5 years both in Mexico and Switzerland, where she moved with her family in 2013. She represented in Latin America prestigious wine and spirit brands within the Hospitality industry for over 10 years. She worked closely with International Hotels, government institutions and corporate executives and multinationals and had to support them in the international implementation of their educational projects.

She is a graduate in International Business from the University of Blaise-Pascal in Clermont-Ferrand France and spent her last year of study in the University of Oklahoma Price College of Business USA. She followed several wine and spirit training both in France and Mexico. She lived in 5 different countries and enjoy multicultural environments where relationships, new ideas, innovation and original concepts are valued. She appreciates being challenged and strongly believe in enhancing the customer experience to growing the business.

While not at work, she enjoys spending time with her daughter and husband and go for long walks by the lake. She is passionate about wine and like to organize tastings of wines from different regions and countries for her family and friends.