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Lausanne Hospitality Consulting (LHC) focuses consistently on the design and delivery of a variety of education programmes for all hospitality and service industries. Within our portfolio of clients in Executive Education, we service customers from a range of sectors such as international hotel chains and independent hotels, luxury retailers, airlines, banks, insurance companies, FMCG retailers, high-end hospitals, manufacturing companies and hotel associations.

Our programmes:

Corporate Management Programme: An approach that starts with your “Work” and leadership challenges, “You” as a leader and your “World” and environment through an Idea Hunting on Trend & Innovation. A five-day programme with an optional private coaching session upon request on day 6.

Career Development Programmes (CDP): These are designed for managers, executives, career climbers and career movers, and are offered all year round on the EHL Campus. Participants come from around the world to the cradle of hospitality in Lausanne and can design their unique and personal development plan based on a range of modules within a set of programmes.

EHL Credit Bearing Programme: This “Postgrade level” is for hospitality professionals and Bachelor degree owners. The Programme aims to develop specific and advanced competencies either in hospitality management disciplines or in other hospitality domains. The Programme aims to develop specific and advanced competencies either in hospitality management disciplines or in other hospitality domains.

Tailor-Made Programmes: These are designed and delivered to companies, at EHL or all around the world in order to achieve our clients’ objectives. Training or coaching from supervisory to top management levels.

E-learning: We use technology to provide a flexible and scalable learning solution to professional working in the events sector or willing to discover the world of event management.

EHL Summer Academy: For young people from 16 to 20 years old who are interested in discovering the World of Hospitality and experiencing EHL during a 7-day programme.

The ability to keep up with new developments is proving crucial in today’s global knowledge economy, where we are witnessing change at an exponential rate. Employers today favor individuals who show commitment to lifelong learning by upgrading their expertise and keeping pace with industry trends.

“Great leaders never stop growing” and “exceptional leaders are manufacturers of success”, so have a look at our programmes calendar and register for “My Leadership, My Brand” or one of our next Career Development Programmes (CDP). Completion of each of the modules provides you with a certificate. Successfully complete 20 days of Executive Education to obtain our Proficiency in Hospitality Management Certificate.

Calendar of Open Programmes


April 2017

June 2017

People Development
12-06-2017 to 17-06-2017
Jun-12 to Jun-13
People Management
Assessing and Identifying Talents
Jun-14 to Jun-15
The Employee Journey
Jun-16 to Jun-17
Key to Personal Effectiveness

September 2017

Creating Value in Hospitality
04-09-2017 to 09-09-2017
Sep-04 to Sep-05
Finance for non-Financial Managers
Real Estate Finance
Sep-06 to Sep-07
Strategic Costing
Asset Management
Sep-08 to Sep-09
Defining Business Strategies

November 2017

Business Development in Hospitality
20-11-2017 to 25-11-2017
Nov-20 to Nov-21
Market Scans & Feasibility
Hospitality Management Models
Nov-22 to Nov-23
Assessing Trends for Your Business
Nov-24 to Nov-25
Disruptive Business Modelling

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    Our Executive Education programmes have helped customers from a range of sectors such as international hotel chains and independent hotels, luxury retailers, airlines, banks, insurance companies, FMCG retailers, high-end hospitals, manufacturing companies and hotel associations.

    Daniel Lyssy – Consultant at Swiss Opportunity Consulting, Switzerland
    “Already after the first day of instruction I could tell that people at LHC and EHL do not only teach hospitality, they first and foremost practice hospitality.” “What impressed me most in these modules were on one hand the highly professional module leaders, not only with their professional expertise but especially with their relevant industry experience and their passion to let everybody be part of that experience and knowledge. And on the other hand the small groups of highly interesting participants, part of them being very much involved directly in the hospitality industry and part of them industry outsiders with relevant interest in hospitality for different reasons.” “I can undoubtedly recommend the Executive Education Program of LHC to anyone interested in opening her/his mind and learning a lot from true hospitality professionals that are all part of the wonderful EHL culture.”

    Amr Lugman Alsunari – General Manager at Makarem Ajyad Makkah Hotel, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    “Attending Executive Education at EHL gave me new ideas to develop and update myself to better respond the current needs of the hospitality industry. What I learnt at EHL was close to practical/professional life and applicable in this field”

    Cornelia Kausch – President at CK Hospitality Advisors, Germany
    “Exceptional Leaders are manufacturers of success. CMP provided me with the significant tools to enhance the above sentence. Taking the time as a leader to reflect on “Brand Me” and to include the Millennials into the programme was a special icing on the cake. Having the two Executives run the course added value. Tremendous authenticity, personal experience, drive, knowledge and professionalism made me grow as a leader applying what was taught. Thank you”

    Julieta Serafimova – General Manager at Grand Hotel Sofia, Bulgaria
    “Interacting with top professionals from different countries and cultures who share the same goal was a great experience for me. So many fresh ideas have been shared to help us do our jobs, insight into current trends and a lot of entertainment all contributed to our overall satisfaction. I appreciate very much the individual approach and focus on our personalities rather than mentioning just another common corporate strategy. Knowledgeable coaches, diverse case studies, excellent organisation, emotional fuel for months to come”

    Charles Wahinya – Regional Financial Controller, East & Southern Africa at Fairmont the Norfolk, Kenya
    “What I realized while at the course was that we sometimes take so many things for granted at work, particularly for us Executives that we come complacent. This course reignited the fire that I had in the years just after I was appointed to be an Executive. I have re-branded the brand “Charles Wahinya”. I know that I have been successful at this so far because during the short period of time between completing the course today I have seen the results at work”

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