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Globalization continue to be big concept requiring careful definition. The rapid movement of people, information and capital across national borders worldwide increase the limits of Globalization. In many countries, where tourism has become a major export industry, the hospitality sector is the focal point for concepts of globalization to take root. The hospitality industry plays an important part physically in bringing people together in a global community. Hospitality companies therefore need to consider the implications of the global context in which they operate and must be prepared to address the questions that arise from this changing environment.

No matter which medium is used to communicate with the customers, hospitality organizations must speak the right language, linguistically and culturally. Looking forward into 2018, localizing for emerging markets in the travel and hospitality sector, especially the rapidly rising Asian market, is the key in the travel and hospitality sector. Individual hoteliers need to collaborate to extend their services and offerings around communal assets in order to create a once-in-a-lifetime guest experience. The focus on authenticity will generate additional business opportunities and boost profitability.